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The psychoanalyst C. Jung claimed that there is a number of archetypes that we all share, without necessarily having been taught them. He also meant that the archetypes as inner clues to self-realization. The twelve characters can be seen as separate individuals making up the variety that mankind offers, or they can represent the different aspects and potentials of any one single person.

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Toggle navigation. The Allegorical Actor. The faked suffering of the actor relieves us of our own suffering, at least momentarily. Rock singer Marilyn Manson. Zodiac Archetypes. Share this. Log in with your credentials. Forgot your details?

Horoscope Scorpio Wall Art

Some find release from their own personal dramas when they're able to express them as universal. As writers, musicians and actors, they help others make sense of the human experience. But this also happens in everyday life, since water signs soften the edges of the mundane by padding it with emotional meaning. Water is a formless element on its own, and that's why those with this sign are so quickly shaped by their relationships to others. They need time alone to remember where they end and others begin.

And to let what's been stirred up by life find its way to a quiet calm again.

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These are people who need people, but also need the restoring space of solitude. Water signs can soften Earth and take them into the deeper emotional layers of intimacy. This brings touchy and feely together for a satisfying physical relationship in romance. Earth signs can help water with the practical challenges of life, and encourage them to bring their gifts into the real world through some tangible effort. Water and fire signs can be one steamy combination under the right circumstances.

Water can add emotional nuance to Fire's instinctual responses, and help Fire learn things like tact, compassion and how to nurture. Fire can blaze a trail of Water out of the swampy abyss of inaction. Their vitality and enthusiasm lift Water up, so they can find their way. Like with any element, there's a danger here of mutual harm if things are not in balance. Scorpio is always on, always watchful, and always have the wheels in their mind turning. Scorpio love art—the more intense and boundary-pushing, the better—and adore meeting new people, especially if they can rise to the challenge of sparring with them.

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Scorpio does crave alone time, and finds that hiking, journaling, or going to a moody bar or restaurant by themselves and having a conversation with a stranger can help them connect to their true selves. Have questions about your romantic future? Start your love reading now. Scorpio has the pick of who to hang out with, and everyone is entranced, captivated, and—ok, a little afraid—of them.

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Scorpio tends to do their own thing, and isn't pulled by peer pressure. Scorpio adores fine wine, fancy restaurants, and A-list access, and loves getting a behind-the-scenes look into a party. Because of this, they tend to make friends with artists, chefs, and other people who set the pulse of a city.

In addition, they are often the pulse of a city, and find that a job that can combine their social life and real life is often ideal. Their birthdays are in late fall, and Scorpio loves cold snaps, dusky weather, and long, dark nights just made for cuddling up on sensuous sheets. Scorpio adores evening, and adores long nights that last well into the wee hours.