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She'll convince herself that a particular dialogue took place with another person, and report it to her Aries lover or husband, in words that haven't the slightest connection with reality, or with the words that were actually spoken. Her Mercury imagination, you see, fills in the dull or uninteresting gaps with more creative phraseology. Loving her as intensely as only a Ram can love, he could take furious offense at these slightly exaggerated insults to his lady fair, and direct his Mars anger, full force, toward the shocked person he's been falsely led to believe has treated her so shabbily.

Aries men are fiercely loyal to their friends and relatives, and especially to their mates. Later, her honest Twin will trouble her conscience by softly, yet insistently, reminding her that things didn't quite occur as she colorfully described them to her Ram.

1-1 Pattern

If she then levels with him, he should control his Mars fireworks of outrage, and appreciate her attempt to separate reality from imagination, with tenderness. For the Gemini woman is made of fragile material. She's not, like him, protected on her journey through Life by the fierce warrior Mars - only by the unpredictable magician Mercury, who often hides from her, just when a girl most needs her ruling planet's wisdom. Her heart contains so many different chords of haunting music.


Who is she Who is she? Whichever Twin leads the way, at any given moment. What is she?

Gemini Woman's Love Compatibility by Zodiac Signs

She's the bunch of marigolds in a sky blue bowl, on her teacher's desk, in the third grade the circus parade she once watched, when the clown threw a pretzel to her, and she caught it joyfully she's hayrides and hurricanes her first pair of black patent leather Mary Janes, a summer storm in the woods, at scout camp, that made the pine trees smell as fragrant as hyacinths a field of purple heather she sat in once, for hours, that transported her all the way to Scotland, where she was the Lady of the Lake and also the lonely Evangeline the small, lost bird she fed, until it was strong enough to fly, when she was five.

These things are what she is. All this. And so, while the Gemini girl-woman must exercise a certain amount of discipline over her imagination, if she expects to achieve harmony with the straightforward, honest Ram she loves, she must be careful not to restrict it entirely, because it's the quality that makes her seem so exquisitely feminine to him. Children, too, possess vivid imaginations, and he thinks of her, this man, more often than she knows, as a little girl who needs his loving protection.

Except, of course, when she shatters his image of her helplessness by beating him at mental musical chairs, King's X, tic-tac-toe, and so forth. Some Gemini females can be, when they choose, intellectual terrors, their speech as sharp as a knife, their mental acumen nothing less than brilliant - which isn't the most soothing balm for a male Ram's masculine self-confidence. But then, there's also the bunch of marigolds in the sky blue bowl As for him, he's made, not just from the rough-hewn robes of raw courage, tied with the crimson cord of bravado - his Ram's horns curl around the memories of his Lancelot days, the time he first swam, in water way over his head, when he couldn't swim - but he did - his broken top, his broken dreams They are so many things, this man - this woman.

Mostly, they are the sometimes inhabitants of a land, a kingdom they discovered by themselves, where everything is beautiful They may each visit on another's private worlds, but if the mutual invitation so wistfully extended, unspoken These lovers should never permit such a retreat to occur, because the stars and planets have designed their make-believe lands so very much alike, they're sure to be happier when they dance through each other's dreams, than when one stands forlornly before the No Trespassing sign of the other.

Sexually, this man and woman will believe themselves to be ideally mated, in the beginning. The Ram dreams of arriving in the garden of love on a flying carpet of adventure, straight out of the Arabian Nights or the Age of Chivalry, either one , and the Gemini female will play her role in his dream-drama to perfection. No one can make an ordinary bed seem as much like Sultan's harem as a Gemini woman, which is richly satisfying to an Aries man, who wants his mate to be the epitome of Woman. With her, he'll never know who awaits him at night in the privacy of the boudoir.

For a while it will excite him, until he starts to look around in the closet and under the pillows for "the sensuous woman. His own sexual expression is direct and intense.

Aries Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Hers is somewhat more elusive and complicated. True, he enjoys approaching their lovemaking on a path of imaginative romance, but he expects to quench his thirst in a stream of pure, honest passion, when he arrives at his destination. A somehow fickle-minded guy with a self-composed, focused, yet extremely jealous and revengeful beauty?

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Doesn't sound like a great idea, does it? But where there is love, there is hope. Buzzle gives you an insightful explanation of Though these two zodiac signs are definitely not a match made in heaven, they however, make an interesting pair that needs to put notable effort in taking this relationship to a lifetime bond. Buzzle helps with 5 tips to make a We don't blame you to have a massive crush on this female, who was probably the life of the party where you saw her! She was dynamic, fun-loving, carefree, and spoke quite intelligently.

Our dear reader, the female that has It is truly interesting to see Geminis waltz around in life as they are perpetually transforming. There's never going to be a dull moment with these people around. Buzzle has handpicked some sayings and quotes about these The pairing of a Capricorn woman and a Gemini man is rather odd by astrology standards.

Thus, the bigger question being how did they get along in the first place? Let's find out what brought them together, and what is going to make Are you a Gemini? If you are, you share your sun sign with some of these notable personalities. Buzzle posts a list of famous celebrities, musicians, politicians, and sportsmen who belong to the Gemini sun sign. Take a look! Aries Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility. This article deals with the Aries and Gemini relationship. Are they compatible or not? Let us find out. Read on Gemini and Cancer Compatibility. If you are a Gemini and have fallen in love with a Cancer, or vice versa, this article on their astrology compatibility is just for you.

This Sun Sign Pattern is quite distinctive in its influence over two people linked together through its friendly, and very communicative, vibrations. There's no doubt they'll quarrel occasionally, even frequently; yet their more tempestuous arguments will contain the seed of spring, and fresh promises for the future. Their misunderstandings are extremely verbal, and often quite loud, but somehow, not too serious. It's almost as though they're both aware of the potential of a truce in the midst of the battle.

There's very little restraint in the love between Aries and Gemini. When the Ram and the Twins fall in love with each other, neither will waste time wondering if the end of the affair, or the marriage, will be blissfully happy or achingly sad. The initial attraction between them, the magnetic pull of their carefree natures, causes both of them to reach out toward each other trustingly, with no worry about a far-off ending. If it should eventually occur, in whatever form - separation, divorce or death - the memories of love as naive, exciting and as full of blind faith as a child's heart on Christmas Eve, will soften the edges of the recollection of any sorrow or hurt they've mutually suffered.

Jealously can be a large troublemaker. The typical Aries girl is as jealous as it's possible for a woman to be, without turning solid green, and she's seldom able to recognize it rationally.

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  • Aries And Gemini Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs;
  • 42 Quotes About Being a Gemini You'll Completely Relate To.
  • 42 Quotes About Being a Gemini You'll Completely Relate To.
  • It doesn't stem from a possessive nature but from the Arian symbolic Infant's terrible fear of rejection which would mean literal death to an infant and need for constant reassurance that it she is cherished. The undue Aries concern over losing love to another is more understandable when it's viewed in the light of these subconscious feelings of infantile helplessness and total dependency upon continued and uninterrupted affection.

    It's a feeling that's always present, just beneath the bright Mars bravado of independence and self-sufficiency which is not real in any sense, only make believe The typical Gemini man is not excessively jealous barring some VenusMars affliction in his birth chart, or an Aries Moon or Ascendent. And this is where most of the difficulties may lie.

    Because, you see, she secretly would like him to be. The least he can do is pretend he is. Whether she consciously realizes it or not, the girl Ram rather enjoys arousing the jealous instinct in her man.

    How Do You Know if a Gemini Likes You? | LoveToKnow

    It reaffirms her importance to him, a matter that can't be reaffirmed too often for any Aries. The Gemini male may oblige her, by granting her wish, if she steps out of line too obviously. But most of the time he'll be too busy changing his clothes, his moods, his ideas, his dreams and his disposition to pause long enough to stop, look and listen to any innocent flirtations she's flaunting at him in the hope of warming up his cool, detached and airy approach to life - and to her.

    follow link Conversely, he won't have to flaunt any flirtations in front of her to bring on a bright green explosion. Saying good morning too intimately to Apple Annie at the corner newspaper stand will suffice.

    Aries And Gemini Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

    Considering his love of freedom and his phobia concerning emotional shackles that curb his natural gregarious activities, a little of that will go a long way with a Gemini man. Although she must learn to somehow either control or hide her jealous fears if she doesn't want to lose him , he must also learn to sympathize with her motivation for such behavior - an inner fear that she lacks enough femininity to keep him faithful if he doesn't want to lose her.

    There has been so much propaganda over the years about the slinky, sexually seductive, feather-brained, soft and sweet type of bunny-kitten "every man yearns for," you can't blame the Aries woman for developing a neurosis about her quick mind, her direct approach to love and her lack of sneaky female guile - especially since she was born under the influence of a masculine Sun Sign.

    She has courage and initiative, she's energetic and ambitious - all allegedly masculine traits. Men believe they have the market cornered on those qualities. Haven't you been reading the Women's Liberation pamphlets? The Aries woman may very well be the leader of the ERA group in her community. What's a girl Ram supposed to do to be considered feminine - read Marabel What's-Her-Name's book, The Total Woman, and total herself by just sitting around murmuring "You're wonderful, darling," and never do anything on her own?

    That's just about the size of it, according to Marabel and all the male chauvinists. Skimpy, isn't it? Oh, I suppose she could do other things to retain her femininity, like wash, iron, cook, diaper babies, shop for clothes, gossip, iron, wash, cook, have babies am I repeating myself? Sorry, I was beginning to get bored. As an Aries myself, I've never understood why a girl must be labeled "pushy" just because she knows her own mind. If most men prefer a Stepford Wives type robot to a real woman, that's their hang-up.